Metaverse Game & Virtual Landowner

ABOUT Myreality DAO

Myreality DAO’s main purpose is to be part of The Sandbox Game community and build out all the Lands! Members from Myreality DAO will be able to vote when decisions from The Sandbox Metaverse are going to be made.

$MRT token is a governance token that can be used to purchase NFTs, entry to Games, and also use to vote.

Myreality DAO will play a big part in contributing and participating in The Sandbox governance through MRT token holders!




443,078,144 MRT
are in public


100,000,000 MRT
Angel Investor

Founders, Leaders, Partners

400,000,000 MRT
Lock for 5 years until 15.12. 2026


56,921,855.45 MRT
MyReality will buy back token on the market to be in the Treasury

MyReality DAO Token Rules:

The DAO Token is MRT

o The DAO name is MyReality DAO

o Voting rules:
➢ 15% of token holders must vote.
➢ 50% of the votes have to be Yes for a decision to be executed

o The Council can create a vote for a decision.
➢ 50% of Council members must vote
➢ More than 50% of the votes have to be Yes.

o Token holders can vote for:
➢ Council members
➢ Minting or burning Tokens, including change in Token Cap
➢ External manager/Trustee
➢ Sale or purchase of LANDs
➢ Utilities and financial derivatives of the Token

o The purpose of MyReality DAO is to own and monetize on LANDS in the Metaverses.

LANDs acquired by MyReality DAO can not be transferred to others unless
they are sold.

o MRT token can also be used to pay for service or in exchange for another token.


Mars 2021 - MyReality DAO formed

Mars 2021 - Myreality DAO got the best Estates!

Out of all the lands in the entire Sandbox metaverse, Myreality DAO purchased the best Estates, the best location that bordering Ground Zero where all-new players are going to spawn!!!

1008 more Lands (one 24×24, 2 of the 12×12 and 4 of the 6×6) to be purchased.

August 2021 - Myreality DAO LLC

A Myreality LLC for the DAO will be established.

Q4 2021 - Listing on DEX

Listing on DEX

2025 - To populate all our Lands

Our goal is to populate all our lands with experiences from partners and brands!

Build the best community in The Sandbox Game with lots of Play2Earn, Events and Educational contents.